Getting Started

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Whether this is your child's first time at BalaVihar or you have a returning student in the family, follow these three simple steps to enroll your child/children for the upcoming BalaVihar session:

Step 1 - Payment

Call the Hindu Temple of Atlanta at 770.907.7102; (You can pay at the temple in person as well or use the Temple website. Link to Temple website is provided below.)
  • Tell the manager that you want to pay for "BalaVihar registration" and specify the number of children being registered($250 for one child and $500 for two or more children from the same family).
  • You can pay via credit card. When once the transaction is successfully completed, they will give you a “Payment Receipt Number”. Without this Receipt number information you cannot register to BalaVihar on this website. Make a note of this receipt number.
  • Please note that the Temple is NOT in a position to write down the details of the child[ren] you are registering; they are helping BalaVihar with the payment process. You can enter your children information on this website.

Temple Website

Step 2 - Secure Verification

Log in using your Gmail or Microsoft account. If your child is an existing student, use the same email you used to register your child in BalaVihar. Your child's BalaVihar record with contact information and student details will be pulled up. Please ensure that all the details are accurate and update the fields if necessary. Parents of new students, please remember to use your login email for all future BalaVihar transactions.
if you have questions refer to FAQ section (see below for link) and if you could not find answers for what you are looking for, please contact hta.balavihar@gmail.com.


Step 3 - Registration

If you have the receipt number and have a GOOGLE or MICROSOFT registered emails, please click the link below to login and register your kids for Balavihar.

Login and Register